? Live Match Final : SAFF U20 Championship || Bangladesh vs India || Sportzworkz

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40 respuestas a ? Live Match Final : SAFF U20 Championship || Bangladesh vs India || Sportzworkz

  1. AviShek Rodriguez dijo:

    Udche lungi lagche besh bal chirbe Bangladesh. Bangladesh name ta sunlai hasi pai ??? kono khala valo kora jitta parisna lojja laga dorkar ?? sala kanglachoda tatti ?

  2. azmkhanofficial dijo:

    bangladesh valo khelse.
    well done bangladesh.
    future champion

  3. subhankar chanda dijo:

    Jaihind vandemataram

  4. CHEETOS FF dijo:

    Again and again I see nepal loosing badly, yet so shameless that they troll and abuse others ? ? ?

  5. Sorif islam Sorif islam dijo:

    শুধু শুধু টাকা নষ্ট আমার ছাতার বাংলাদেশ সবসময় হারে এটা জানা কথা

  6. Manoj Oli dijo:

    What is this ??

  7. HR GAming dijo:

    We lose but I'm surprised to see the comeback of India just in next level.gurkirat is the new Sunil chetri.what a final

  8. No.1 Spectator dijo:

    India made a EID out of Bangladesh ? Lots of love from Nepal

  9. Delowar Hossain dijo:

    well played both team…90 minutes was 50-50. last 10 minutes lost energy bd team…bay the way game was fantastic.. go ahead bd….

  10. GreenGate EST. dijo:

    Whatever game India plays with Bangladesh, it becomes a fixed game in all games, because the love that Bengalis show for their country is not love, but a trick to steal

  11. DD M dijo:

    No Pakistan and Bhutan. Hope they didn't qualify for the final round

  12. Flaxen Paws Kennels dijo:

    Being an Indian football fan and enthusiast for quite a long time I really think this u20 Indian team is not top notch. They couldn't find team work and coordination throughout the tournament . Each of them trying to earn a piece of fame for themselves .Yes the players have some skills on the ball , but football is all about team work .

  13. Ravi Ghimire dijo:

    Bangladesh is very peurly and fear game love it bgd

  14. POLASH ISLAM dijo:

    বাংলাদেশ ভালো কেলেনি

  15. Md Shakibul dijo:

    This is gaolkeeper mistek..tar vuler jonno 3 ta gaol khaice

  16. Rabi rc dijo:

    thuikka machakni refrii?

  17. Folkie dijo:

    Against bd they perform like this and their dream is playing world cup biggest joke of the era?

  18. football Giant dijo:

    Afc u20 Asian qualifications are waiting for us ?? it was a good tournament for us , hope india will play few more friendlies before afc asian cup qualification @indian football team

  19. Nishant dijo:

    Absolutely poor level of commentary as if an uneducated person is speaking.. No knowledge of players or game situation and just shouting in excitement.. had to mute several times to watch the game properly

  20. Neeraj Bisht dijo:

    Gurkirat got skills as well as mentality of top player ?

  21. F E E L dijo:

    3:25:29…… Prove INDIA is not a joke..?????????????????????????????????????????????

  22. Ahsan Imam dijo:

    Fucking penalty decision was not fare….

  23. Emtiaz Sazib90 dijo:

    Great match

  24. F E E L dijo:

    1… Bangladesh was confident??????
    2…Nepal was Overconfident????????
    3…INDIA was not confident???☺️but after loose ???????????????????????????️?
    4… Maldives was 30% confident ???☹️
    5…Sri Lanka..nice experience for them they will be gain some nice confidence for future Saff tournaments??☺️??

  25. indimates dijo:

    Mostly northern and western Indian states don't like football ..

  26. Tenzing Sangma dijo:

    Well done u 20 team india. Wishing u more n more bright future n a big2 congratulation.

  27. Riya Mahato dijo:

    To be honest as a indian I m very sad about the results , we could have given atleast 10 goal to bangladesh today , this is not our standard , india need to work hard a lot , how can a team like bangladesh can give 2 goal to india

  28. DM Entertainment dijo:

    Organized by india
    Proposed by india
    Invest by india
    Fixing by india
    Won by india.
    Nothing else then this.

  29. JAHID KHAN dijo:

    বাংলাদেশের খেলা দেখে মনে হচ্চে, টাইম পাস করছে, মনে হচ্চে বাংলাদেশ 3 গোলে এগিয়ে আছে

  30. Ramesh Karki dijo:

    नेपाली हरु हेरेको हेरै ??????

  31. Ashish Gera dijo:

    Thank you for this telecast
    Gurkirat singh ?

  32. PrembaristaNepal dijo:

    Indian dhoti

  33. Prabal Singh Rajput dijo:

    Chalo saff ka drama khtm hua. Practice ho gayi. Bhot improvement ki jarurat hai. Match toh jit gaye but main aim next month ke afc u20 qualifiers hai. Rest for 2-3 days and began practice. Please arrange 4-5 friendlies before afc qualifiers.
    Need to work on passing, defense, attack in final third specially on that selfish play. It can cost match and striker need to convert easy chances.
    You will face Australia, iraq, kuwait. They will punish you on every mistake and u will not get these many chances. So please prepare well for afc qualifiers. Go for win

  34. XPERT GAMING dijo:

    my see best final… Bangladesh bad luck but you win my Heart ❤️❤️❤️

  35. Tarak chaudhary dijo:

    আবাল চুদারা ভারতের কাছে ফাইনালে গেলেই৷ এমন করে।।

  36. Suraj Rajput dijo:

    Congratulations ? India's fifa team……

  37. Octavio Po dijo:

    Great Congrats Bharat!!!♥️♥️♥️

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